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Cross Post: Why Ver 6.0 if only using Jaguar?

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(I poted this in Ver 6 area as well)


I am happy with Ver 5.1 (some RDUs notwithstanding; later drivers than 4.0.103 *may* not recognize my CD drive).


Multiple CD-Rs work; fine for large Virtual PC drives (V6.1); OS 10.2.8 files can be backed up across multiple CD-Rs as well.


I intend to convert to Panther in about 6 months.


So, why would I upgrade ($$$) to Ver 6.0?


Should I not just wait til I get Panther?



Note: My system:

10.2.8 on a G4 400 mhz Desktop w/ 704/20. R ver 5.1.175 and driver 4.0.103;

I have a CD burner as follows:

ID=ATAPI-A; Vendor=Matsushita; Product= CD-RW CW-7586; Version=1.01;

Driver=Panasonic CD-RW (5.01)


Cheers, Jim B



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