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I want to know how to do 5-day backup to Maxtor OneTouch


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I have just installed my new Maxtor OneTouch drive on my Windows XP system and

would like to set up a script to do a 5-day backup routine. Ideally the backups would be stored

on the OneTouch drive in a subfolder named "Five Day Backups".


I have tried to do this by editing the "EasyScript Backup" script, but can't figure out what the

script is trying to do. I can't seem to specify where I want the backups stored. When the script

runs it stops after calculating what it wants to back up and asks me to insert a new disk saying it

needs 10 Gbytes more space. My data is approximately 22 Gbytes, so where is it trying to put

the first 12 Gbytes? Overall I find the software to make almost no sense. It seems that I should

be able to say what I want to back up (it doesn't ask me that), what method or options I want to use

(it doesn't ask me that), and where I want the backup data stored (it doesn't ask me that either).


Can someone give me clear, step-by-step instructions for this process?


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