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how does HFS + "Journaling" affect Retrospect 5/6 ?

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I've been thinking about adding the journaling feature in OSX10.2.8 to all HFS + hard disks/volumes in the server. This is supposed to protect the HFS + file system against power outages and hardware component failures (data integrity..yadayada). Since this server nearly matches the "When should journaling be used?" section of Apple MAC OSX Server Article ID: 107249, I feel obligated to find other users experience with journaling.


1. Is this recommended by Dantz/Retrospect or not?


2. Does journaling have any negative effects on Retrospect?


3. Should I move the data, then format/add journaling at that time, or is it safe to simply add it? If I just add journaling to the nearly full volumes, how much disk space does journaling require on the disk? (sorry couldn't find this answer anywhere else)



i think the one major issue I don't like about MACs is how files just become... "corrupted"mad.gif. If "journaling" helps at all .. yippee skippee! cool.gif

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