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Can no longer see auto-loader after upgrade

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This setup has been working great for the past year. I just updated it and Retrospect no longer see the auto-loader as backup device.


Setup -

Autoloader - CY-TL8-2015 (AIT3)

G4 Xserver 10.2.8 server

ATTO ExpressPCI u3/66 - firmware 1.66/driver 2.1.2

Retrospect 5.1.177 w/SCSI patch


any ideas?



Retrospect see it on the SCSI bus but not in the device list

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Make sure you don't have any old Retrospect 5.0 driver updates sitting around. They may be causing trouble.


Can you try uninstalling Retrospect, rebooting the server and then reinstalling just the base version of Retrospect? Do not install the SCSI patch for now- you don't need it and it may be causing this problem.




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