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Backup of drive C for full protection in case of catastrophe


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Thanks. I am in fact replacing the hard disk in my laptop. I have always used Drive Image for this type of thing before, which was quite painless but always done from DOS. I have yet to find any USB Dos drivers that a) work properly or B) leave enough memory for Drive Image to function.


In the past I've never had any success backing up a full windows installation while it was running because some files are uncopyable. Just how does Retrospect manage to do this? In fact, DOES it do this?

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I fear that as I suspected the restore to the new disk is full of problems. Not least in that I have lost my Network settings and it won't let me make a direct internet connection. Just how I expected it to work I'll never know!!!




Checking the back up (made exactly according to the instructions) I see it has failed to back up my registry files in System32/config.




OK I've searched and found out how the registry setting are saved and restored but how about Network settings? Where are they stored?




Sooo...would this work.


1. I create 2 partitions on my new hard disk.


2. I install XP onto Part 1 and load Retrospect.


3. I restore my backup to Part 2 and subsequently get rid of Part 1


In other words does Retrospect 'require' a copy of windows in the restore partition or not???

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I have neither the time nor the inclination to persue this software any further. Suffice to say it is Version 6 (updated with latest patches) and my OS is XP Home Edition with all updates on a Dell Inspiron 8200. The software came with a Maxtor 80gb USB ext drive.


Good software should have an instinctive interface avoiding words such as 'duplicate' used in the wrong context. It should also work first time, assuming the manual was followed properly, without resorting to slow responding support.


Fortunately, I have discovered some DOS USB drivers that actually allow me to use proper disk imaging software, although I have had to abandon NTFS. I played around with Retrospect for about 4 days to no avail. It took me 6 hours to re-install XP and everything else manually i.e. if it doesn't work first time then why bother.

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So, is it possible to do a complete system restore (software and all) from a "duplicate?" If so, what is the procedure?


Configuration information:

Software: Retrospect Express 6.0.222 OEM

Machine: Toshiba 6100, XP Professional

Backup: Maxtor 250 GB with duplicate of machine hard drive



- I can get the hard drive re-imaged to the factory installation, as a first step.

- It would be difficult for me to access CDs for the software packages installed on the machine, since they are at a different office site--hence why it's important to do a complete restore.

- The Maxtor instructions were very unclear, especially on differentiating between duplicates and backup sets. This is not Dantz's issue exactly, but it would be nice to set Maxtor straight.

- At first I sent a message using the customer service form, since the link to the forum was difficult to find.

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The "duplicate" function for Retrospect Express does not include the Windows registry. As a result a full system recovery using the "duplicate" function is not possible.


You can use the "backup" function for full system backups/restores or you can upgrade to Retrospect professional which includes the ability to duplicate the windows Registry.




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So, do I have any recourse other than re-installing all of the original software?


This is a serious problem. Nowhere in the Maxtor guide nor in the Retrospect help did I find a clear indication that the "duplicate" is not actually a complete duplicate of the drive. While most of the documention covers "backups," nowhere does the documentation say that a "duplicate" is insufficient or that some other version of Retrospect has different functionality. Also, the Maxtor default script is "duplicate," not "backup," which gives the false impression that "duplicate" is the preferred method.


The Maxtor guide states (p. 39): "...the Maxtor OneTouch drive opens up Dantz Retrospect backup software and makes a copy of the files on your source drive, exactly as they exist." The only hint that the copy might not be complete is the subsequent statement: "Any files that are currently open will not be copied to the Maxtor OneTouch drive." The Retrospect Express help section on "duplicate" fails to even mention the open file issue, much less the incomplete copy. Dantz Customer Service is apparently not aware of the issue either--their reply to my same question is included below.


Thanks for your reply on this. I sincerely wish your knowledge had been contained in the documentation that comes with the software, since it is now too late, and restoring the computer will be quite difficult.




-----start incl message-----

Dear Lawrence,


You would have to manually install the operating system. Then install retrospect. Then do a reverse duplicate from your maxtor drive to your C: drive. Or you could copy and paste the files and folders from maxtor drive to your C: drive.


If there is anything else we can do to further assist you, please call Dantz Customer Service at 800.225.4880 Monday-Thursday 6-5, Friday 6-4 Pacific Time.


Best Regards,




This is a tech support question:


I have a duplicate backup for a computer that has crashed. Is it possible to do a complete restore (with all software etc.) from a duplicate backup? I did not get the chance to make a backup set before the crash occurred.


If so, what are the steps for this procedure (the first being a hard drive re-image to factory settnigs)?


Retrospect Express 6.0.222 OEM

Computer: Toshiba 6100 Satellite Pro, Windows XP

Drive: Maxtor 250 GB


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