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I am currently using Retrospect Backup Server Edition 5.5.158 and would like to upgrade to the current 6.5 version. But, I cannot find anywhere where it discusses backward compatibility for backups made with the 5.5 version of the software. I do not want to lose any of the backups that I have done and want to make sure the backups done with version 5.5 can be restored with version 6.5. If they can, are there any other issues that I should take into account when upgrading that will effect the old backup tapes and catalogs that I have.


Any help would be appreciated.



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Tapes, catalogs and backup sets are fine in Retrospect 6.5. You can certainly restore from them and I believe you can continue writing to them as well.


The only thing to watch out for in the upgrade is Backup server scripts. You may not be able to use them after the backup unless you buy the proactive backup add on. Disaster recovery is similar but the new version (also a paid add on) covers the whole network.


You are more than welcome to download the trial version of 6.5 and verify that it does what you need it to.



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