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Why is Retrospect trying to access my cd drive?


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I have a client using Retrospect Express v5.6.132 (from Dell, bundled with a Seagate Travan tape drive) on a WinXP Pro pc. The backup script is configured to select all files from the c: drive. It has been running cleanly for nearly a year.


About a week ago I found the following error repeatedly in the log:

"MapError: unknown Windows error 1,006"

"TVol: :GetInfo: UGetVolumeInformation failed, D:\, winerr 1006, error -1001"


It seems to me that Retrospect trying to access the d: drive and having trouble doing it. The d: drive in this machine is a cdrw drive. It is the only optical drive in the box.


I'm confused about why d: is being accessed. It is not included in the backup script, and it is not selected as the backup media. I know of no changes being made to the system.


Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.




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