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Backup strategy !!!!!

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I want to do an incremental backup and keep at least 30 days of all copies of my files. Here are the strategies that I thought of:




1. I could have 2 scripts backuping simultaneously one crossing over the other on a 60 days period. At the end of the 60 days I would do a recycled backup. This way I would have at least 30 days of backup and at the most 60 days.




2. I could also make an incremental backup that I could stop after 30 days, and then begin another and stop it also after 30 days. After the second backup, I would recycle the first and so on ...... This way the backup would be smaller but as to be done manually. Is there a way to automate this strategy ??




Is there simpler way to do this ???




Thanks in advance.








Robert Lespérance

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