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Retrospect hangs on exit


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I'm using retrospect 6.0 express (got it with a Maxtor external drive) on a Windows XP SP1 pc.


My problem is that very often retrospect HANGS when I click File->exit or the X button in the top-right corner of its window.


I've 2 script configured. One is a disk replication that should be executed when I press the "backup" button in the external drive. THe other is a File backup scheduled everyday at midday. The scheduled backup often cannot start because the pc is off, then when I start the pc and launch retrospect it says that I've pending jobs and start executing them. I just say "stop" all pending scheduled jobs and this works fine and retrospect is still responsive. Then I click exit and I just get the hourglass. Retrospect windows doesn't close and stops responding. I cannot even kill the process or do I shutdown directly. The only way to get out of this is a log-off and then shutdown. Note that retrospect has not just completed a backup, it has done nothing: I just launch it, cancel pending jobs and exit, and it hangs.


So I've 2 questions:

1) how can I solve this bug? Are there any updates besides the driver updates (which I've already applied)?

2) is there a way to configure retrospect so that if a scheduled job cannot be performed because the pc is powered-off, it just forget abut it and doesn't try to execute it the next time the pc is powerd-on or retrospect launched?



Livio Bertacco


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