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DR ISO too large


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Installed 6.5 for windows today. Full backup ran ok. Ran DR for backupset A and its snapshot. When it asked for win xp disk I pointed it to the folder on my dell 5150 (it can't read the restore disk from dell). The ISO it produced is 928 mg. My buring software will not burn to a cd-r. Says it is too large a file.


What can I do to make an ISO that will burn to a cd.



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The two common issues are:


1) Trying to burn the actual ISO to a CDR vs. burning an image from the ISO to a CDR.


2) Retro having "issues" with extra drivers, lack of drivers, etc. when burning from the hodge-podge of files in a user's Windows directory on the harddrive. Having Retro burn the CDR using the Windows boot/insaller CD rather than the user's harddrive is a common suggested workaround.



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