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Semi Technical Poser, i.e. is there help to be had

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I recently inherited 20 backup tapes going back to 1997 that were created with MAC Retrospect 2.0. I have the SCSI DAT tape drive but the MAC and all storage set Catalogs are gone. I've loaded the Software on a PowerMac 7100, connected the DAT drive and Retrospect "communciates" with the drive. When I insert a tape, it "works" a while loading and showing "busy" in the SCSI status window. When loaded the SCSI status window indicates that the contents of the tape are unknown, i.e. Retrospect doesn't appear to recognize the storage set. Without recognizing a storage set, the TOOLs: Create Storage Set Catalog can't build or repair a catalog.


a) If the tape drive is working correctly and the heads are reading the tapes, and the tapes themselves are still good then is there a software setting that might have been used to create the backups that needs to be changed to make the tape contents recognizable, e.g. compression or encryption?


B) if the tapes are good but the drive is failing to read the tapes, then is there anyway to retrieve files?




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