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Overwrite Tapes?


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Could someone please enlighten me on this Retrospect Program. I am a new user to the software and am use to using Backup Exec. What I need to do is set up 2 Backup jobs, one to run on Mondays and the other to run in sequence Tues-Friday. I use 6 tapes total, 2 for the Monday and 4 for the Tues-Fri. I have created 2 backup sets and have create 2 scripts with each containing the appropriate data to backup, one using Backup Set A with 2 tapes as members and one using Backup Set B with 4 members.


Backup Set A is used on Mon and the second tape member is used the following Monday and then back to the first.


Backup Set B is used Tues-Fri same rotation of tapes every week (this is a full backup every night)


Okay...first question. I have finished a weeks rotation of tapes and the backup is now prompting to insert the Backup Set Member 5-Backup Set B. There should be no 5-Backup Set B, there should only be 1-4 for that is all I added to the Backup Set for members was 4 tapes? Does the program every rotate back to the 1-Backup Set B?


Question two: If I use pretty much the same rotation of tapes every week, does the Retrospect have an overwrite feature with used media? If no overwrite protection feature can be enabled how does one automate weekly backups with just 6 tapes without have to recycle the tapes on a weekly basis?? Every day I have been coming in to an Insert media dialog box?


Any help is greatly appreciated



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Media rotation in Retrospect is a bit different than what you are used to. Take a look at this for the basic information:




This is the old way but it shows you more of what is going on:



A backup that erases the tape and reuses media is called a "Recycle backup" . You'll have to schedule those on a regular basis.



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