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OS X clients not visible to Workgroup Server

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in two separate locations, one using Workgroup 5.1.x and one using 5.0.x version of Retrospect, I have installed the OS X client -from the App install CD, checked to see that it is active on the client machine, then gone to the workgroup server to log in the client and get the message that no OS X clients are visible.

I then try to log into the client via IP address and get the same error message.

Both clients are running OS X v.10.2.8

In each case the client show up on the network Choosers and I can log into their desktops from the Workgroup server via the Chooser, but Retrospect doesn't recognize them.

The Workgroup Server is installed (in both cases) on G4 Towers running OS v.9.2.2 and have no problems backing up all other clients (all running Classic) on the respective networks.

My understanding of the OS X client software is that it should be visible by the workgroup server on a private LAN regardless of the OS running Workgroup.


Any suggetions will be appreciated.

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