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Is there a way to mix tape and disk devices in a Backup Set ?


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Having used ADSM (now ITSM) over the years in large customer environments, I became accustomed to setting up Storage Pools which can act as a "disk cache" for later migration of data to tape.




Looking to do the same in Retro Pro 6.5 and Retro Server 6.0 at two different small sites using Syquest 1.5MB disks as cache for Exabyte 8mm tape drives or Seagate/Certance NS20 drives.




Any way to do that in Retro Pro 6.5 or Retro Server 6.0 (or 6.5, I guess) ? I must admit I was surprised when I was unable to include removable disk devices into Backup Sets with tapes. It did not jump out at me that the Backup Sets must be homogeneous collections of tape OR disk (OR CDRW).




I see related posts on backup to disk then tape and staging from disk to tape in this forum. And another post on mixing DVD and hard disk backups. This last post seems to address some of the question we have about staging, or using disk as cache, for tape backup sets.




But, could someone clarify, how can one get Retrospect Pro (or Server) to collect "incremental" backups WITHOUT generating a full backup using that same type of media and so in the same Backup Set ?

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You can't mix media formats in a Retrospect backup set. Disk backup sets can reside on different types of disks but they can't be mixed with tape or DVD/CD sets.


You can try setting up a staged backup using the transfer option. In the transfer you can create a selector based on date (current time -24 hour offset) that will only copy newly backed up files into the tape backup set. You can base the selector criteria on a bunch of things so you are sure not to miss files.



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