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can't find client -- a different case ;-)


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Retrospect 6.5 Professional on desktop (XP Home) and 6.5 client on laptop (XP Pro). Connected via LAN hub. Desktop has no firewall enabled; client has XP firewall enabled. Retrospect Pro can see client via Test but cannot find it via Piton Name Service.


I have verified that port 497 both UDP and TCP are open. Furthermore, I reinstalled the client (previously uninstalled for other reasons); it told me it had configured the firewall. Rebooted and verified firewall configuration.


But here's what differs from the other threads I've read here: if I then disable the firewall on the client, it works perfectly.


So apparently the Piton name service requires some other port. At least, that's the only conclusion I can come to. The problem has to be in the client computer, since the ONLY change required to make it work (or break it) is to disable (enable) the firewall. Yet in the firewall, port 497 is open (UDP and TCP).


Is some other port required? Is there any other explanation?


Edward Reid

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I had a similar experience on my XP machine.

The client installer is supposed to open up the needed ports but I think it fails sometimes. I would do this:


Go into the XP firewall on the client and set it back to defaults. Then Reboot and manually allow UPD and TCP on port 497. That solved the problem for me.



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