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HOW DO I Label A tape


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Hello. How would I go about Labeling a Tape in Retrospect 6.0.


I have a hp dat 24x6 tape loader and I would like to label each

tape to something like monday night, etc so I know what data

is getting written to each tape.


I have not found a way to do this as of yet.


Any Ideas ????



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Retrospect 6.0 does not support manually binding tapes to backup sets. Here is what I would do:


Make sure you set your backup to use the appropriate number of backup sets. If you are backing up 5 days a week you probably want 5 backup sets. If you rotate media on a weekly basis you may want to do it differently.


After you get the script set up let the backup run and Retrospect will label the tapes for you. After that you can write labels on them as needed.


What kind of backup schedule and media rotation do you have in mind?



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Thanks for the information. I do a normal nightly back up of files but

for backup of my complete server I image the drives using imaging



Restoring a 20gig drive from tape is about useless as its very slow.

Its more efficent to restore an image from disk. Then restore individual

files that might be newer than the previous image.


I think its pretty poor that retrospect does not allow the naming of tapes

other than applying the name from the backup set.


Thanks for the help.



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