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Device Scan seems to disable Benchmark DLT/VS80 drive

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Hi there!


I have been running into -102 errors for quite some time and after replacing drive, replacing SCSI cable, updating drivers, updating Retrospect, using new tapes, etc. etc. I still receive them. Now, I'm noticing something odd. When I reboot my machine and I don't have Retrospect run, the drive seems to be just happy. Looking in Device Manager shows that it's enabled and does not have any conflicts, same goes for MSINFO32. However, when I start Retrospect, and run a backup, as soon as it does a Device Scan, it immediately, disables the drive, causing an error 22 in Device Manager, and not allowing me to enable it. MSINFO32 categorizes it as a Problem Device. What is happening when the Device Scan takes place? Why is it disabling my drive and causing communication errors?


Additional Information:

OS: Windows 2K Server(SP4)

Retrospect version: Single Server 6.5.276

Retrospect Driver update: 4.7.103

Backup Drive: Benchmark DLT1/VS80 Drive, Driver version 2.4

Server: Dell PowerEdge 1500SC


Thanks for any help!

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