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-108 out of memory errors

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This seems like an old problem but it's one that's still bugging me.

I'm running Retrospect Workgroup v. 5.0.238 on a PowerMac G4, 533 MHz, running Appleshare IP 6.3. Retrospect is backing up to an AIT Library on AIT 3 tapes. Apart from backing up a LaCie RAID and 3 Macs running OS 9.04 it also backs up a G5 running OS 10.3 and a G4 running OS 10.2.8. Backups are done overnight with the G4 and G5 at the end of the backup. Often, but by no means all of the time, I arrive to find that Retrospect has stopped on either of these machines with out of memory messages in the log.

It's current memory allocation is 50,000k


Any ideas would be appreciated,



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