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RP6.5 - Server volume full? Win2K p-to-p network


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I just got done with a partial backup solution install and hit a roadblock. Maybe someone has an answer I haven't found yet.




3 computers running Win2000 Pro with all patches and SPs on a peer-to-peer TCP/IP network. IPX/SPX also installed for old print server only. One computer "acts" as a file server with shared folders/files for all to access. Users are all set up as Admins and they all have Admin user accounts on all computers with password set to never expire. Everything is working great.


What I did:


I installed a Travan tape drive on the 'server' with the following config: HDD (FAT32/33G free) - Primary IDE Master, Zip drive - Primary IDE Slave, CD-ROM - Secondary IDE Master, Certance (Seagate) Hornet Travan 40 Tape Drive - Secondary IDE Slave. Hardware is working fine, recognized in BIOS and in Win 2000, no errors in Device Manager. So far everything is still working fine.




Installed Dantz Retrospect Pro 6.5 on 'server'. Did not do any config at the time other than license key and reboot. Went to 2nd computer and installed client. Reboot 2nd computer and it no longer can access shared files/folders. Removed Restrospect client from 2nd computer, reboot, and still not able to access shares. Get error message that server volume is full. Remove Retrospect from 'server' computer and reboot and all is working fine again.


Anyone seen anything like this? Any ideas?

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This is a new one...

Retrospect installs 2 services on the computer. Only one of which is running all the time (the launcher service). I would try a custom Reinstall making sure that the Open file backup option is not installed for both client and backup server. You may also want to try a test install of Retrospect on another machine to see if the problems are the same.


FYI- Retrospect communicates with client machines via multicast on port 497.




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I've found the answer and thought I'd share it with you should you find a similar problem:


I re-installed Retrospect Pro and checked a few parameters but was still getting the server full errors and no access to shared folders. While sitting on hold with Dantz for over 1-1/2 hours today, I was snooping around the admin tools in Win2K and took a peek at the Event Viewer to see what was showing up. Sure enough, both today and on the previous install, the Event Viewer had a bevy of errors from the 'Srv' service saying the irpstacksize (I/O Request Packet) was too small for the command to execute. Looking in the M$FT Knowledgebase pointed out where to fix it in the registry. I adjusted the number of stack locations and the problem went away. The Knowledgebase also said you could see this during a printing operation. Search on 'irpstacksize' and 'Windows 2000' for the specifics. I'm not sure I understand it all but it works.

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