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using multiple one touch drives


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Is there anyway to set up the program as to have a full backup to be ran utilizing the onetouch feature with multiple one touch drives? I have three that I wanted to rotate. Whenever I hit the one touch on anything other than the intial first drive I get a 1102 error. saying the drive is not available. I have the drives all named the same. Am I missing something or is there a bit of trickery involved? Below is a copy of the error message.


+ Duplicate using Maxtor OneTouch at 1/16/2004 1:38 PM

Can't access volume Backup copy of Data (S) on Backup1 (Z:), error -1102 (drive missing/unavailable)

1/16/2004 1:38:55 PM: Execution incomplete

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There is no way around this really.

Each drive has a unique serial number that identifies it to windows and Retrospect. Retrospect will only run the one touch script if the _exact_ drive specified in the script is present. This is because the one touch script can delete and overwrite data on the maxtor drive. In other words - it prevents overwriting the wrong disk by mistake.


As a workaround you can do this:

Under "manage Scripts" make 3 copies of your one touch script (one for each drive). Then modify the destination of each script to point to one unique drive.

Then go to the run menu at the top of the Retrospect screen and create "run documents" for each script.


A run document is a shortcut that works like the one touch button. Just click it and the backup will begin. In the end only one of your disks will work with the one touch button but a run document gets you functionality that is close.





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