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Lost my tape drive

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Hi all. My 1st post here.


I have 2 questions:


Just upgraded to 5.1 from 4.3


I have an Onstream Echo tape drive, which I cannot buy any more tapes for, and have now gone down the DVD route. After installing the new version of Retrospect I cannot see the tape drive in the list of devices. When I try and restore a file I get a mesage "tape drive not found"


I've checked that I have all the relevant files in place as per details on the Dantz website and I've also unplugged the tape drive from the hub and directly into the Mac.


HELP as i cannot restore any files to the desktop.


2nd question: can I continue backing up to the catalogs that already exist using the DVD drive. So that when it asks for new media I just insert a disk into the drive. So infuture will retrospect know to ask for different media (assuming I can get it to recognise my tape drive).


thanks in advance



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Thanks Nate




I have just done what you suggested and got the device to register. Bit of a drag about not being able to continue with the catalogs I'd already created.




Now I have a nother query. Got the drive visible but i can't get the drive to recognise any disk. Tried using the "How to Auto Configure a CD-RW Device - Macintosh v5.1" from the support pages. But the software won't recognise my La Cie DVD-R disks. I get an error saying it can't recognise the disk and would I like to try a new type of disk.




Yours in frustration





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How is the device connected to your computer?

Does lacie have any firmware updates available?


Often these kinds of problems can be caused by incompatibilities with the media. What brand and speed of media are you using? Can you try TDK or Taiyo Yuden?




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Thanks again Nate


Device is connected via Firewire.

Just updated to latest firmware

Using LaCie own brand DVD-R


It now seem to have created a custom configuration after I updated the firmware.


Thanks for the tips.


I guess I can just use DVD-R in the same way i used my old tapedrive - just add more disks as they fill up.


shame I can't take details of all the previous backed up files and import them into the new catalog file





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