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Full DVD; cancel; Error-206


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I use Retrospect 6.0.206 (R6) on Windows 98 SE. Recently, a DVD filled during a backup and R6 requested another DVD. By the time I discovered this situation, I didn’t have time to change media and complete the backup-and-verify so I cancelled the backup.


Later, I wanted to rerun the backup. First, I checked the DVD backup set status and saw the partial backup session was listed as a session. When I ran Verify Media on the filled DVD, it logged a large number of “206” errors. I wanted to delete or ignore the partial backup session but didn’t know of a way to do it. Instead, I tried recreating the backup set’s catalog but that process also logged a large number of “206” errors. After the “206” errors, the following was logged:


Additional error information for device "Plextor DVD+RW" [2:0],

Sense > f0 00 03 00 22 a7 c0 0a 00 00 00 00 11 00 00 00 00 00

(PLEXTOR |DVDR PX-504A |1.01)

1/7/2004 6:10:17 PM: 174 execution errors

Completed: 55299 files, 4.4 GB

Performance: 109.3 MB/minute

Duration: 01:24:07 (00:43:26 idle/loading/preparing)


I was unsure if the recreated catalog was free of errors so, to be safe, I recycled the backup set and ran backup.


Do errors logged during the recreation of a catalog result in a corrupted catalog?


What should I have done differently to avoid recycling the backup set?


Thank you


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If the following happens, the backup set would not need recycling.:

- The files with errors in the backup set are not cataloged during catalog recreation

- The source files are backed up during the next Backup session


Only the defective session would be lost rather than the whole backup set.


How does the catalog recreation process handle this situation?

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Keep in mind that error 206 is a media error inicating that the disk simply couldn't be read. If there are only a few of these errors the catalog rebuild will proceed as stated in your post. However, Retrospect will only tolerate a certain number of 206 errors before it gives up on the disk and calls it "bad media". In that case it is best to recycle the disk or quit using it altogether.


Personally Iwouldn't trust the disk without a recycle backup at least.





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