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Auto-Configure fails with Samsung SW-252B

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Auto-configure fails with a Samsung SW-252B under Retrospect 6 Pro. Log entries appear below. I have tried three times with two separate CD-RW disks. Drive works fine with EasyCD & Direct-CD. Using Win98 on P4-2.6, CD Firmware R701, and RDU 3.9.106. Any suggestions?


Running CD-RW custom configuration tests on SAMSUNG CD-R/RW SW-252B

Setup test: Successful

Default setup test: Successful

Drive type test: Successful

Drive initialization test: Successful

Disc information test: Successful

Polling method test: Successful

Read test: Successful

Continuous-write method test: Successful

Append test: Successful

Read test: Failed

RD-RW custom configuration tests: Failed


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