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Lite-On 4816 CDRW/DVDr may be supported (??)

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I just picked up and installed a Lite-On 4816 (internal IDE 48X CDRW/16X DVD reader) in a PC that also has a Sony 510A (CDRW/DVDRW). I didn't care that the Lite-On wasn't listed in the Retrospect web "Storage Device Support" list although the Sony is.


However, when I ran a Device scan from Retrospect it listed both the Sony *and* the Lite-On in the Device list, implying that the Lite-On is recognized and supported. On other systems where I run RP, unsupported devices (e.g. a Dell CDRW) do *not* show up in the device list.


So is the Lite-On 4816 supported? Is this some sort of generic support (looks the same as a Lite-On XXX to RP)? Should it be added to the "Supported" list?


Lite On 48x24x48x16 Combo (CDRW/DVD) Drive, Model LTC48161H, Retail

Retrospect Pro 6.5.336

RDU 4.7.103


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