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Improved support for removable hard drives

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As of 2002.April, cost of media for Hard Disk has dropped to under $2/gigabyte. This is cheaper than some kinds of tape, and is 5-10x faster. Removable hard-drive options include Fire-wire connected drives (slightly higher cost, but very convenient), or tray-mounted drives (lower cost, but requires shutting down computer to remove them.) BOTTOM LINE: More people will want to backup to removable disk drive.




Current drive capacity limits seem to be about 160gb, though bigger drives are coming. Limitations in Windows and/or PC Bios prevent larger than 130GB disks, but a fix for this is coming soon, too. BOTTOM LINE: For the next year and beyond, for most of us, 120GB is going to be the limit for disks and thus for File based backups.




Suggestion, then: Provide better support for File based backups. Two improvements come to mind:




** Allow separate storage of the catalog from the file


** Allow spanning of multiple files to allow backing up of more than 120GB.



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