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If backup cancelled during file compare, is there a way to just do file compare?


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New user. Used Retrospect 6.5 Pro for Windows on Win XP backed up to Travan USB tape device. During the file compare, after sucesfull back-up, I tried to open the on-line help, and the Help froze. I cancelled Help and Retrospect was cancelled. Since the data was already copied to tape I decided to verify contents. Verify was succesfull.


(a) Assuming that file contents match disk - once the backup is complete is the tape good for restore purposes?

(B) If I have a power cut during file compare, is there a way to just do the file compare only?

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There are 2 types of compare operations in Retrospect:


a)after a backup the files on the backup media are compared directly to those on the disk




b)you can do a verify operation on the media that verifies the files on the media match the files listed in the catalog file.


In the event of a power outage or backup failure it is good to do a verify of the media and then do another incremental backup. This will pick up any inconsitencies between the backup media and the data on your disks



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