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RE4.3 (Mac OS8.6) doesn't see QPS Que! 16x10x40 SCSI CD

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I have RE4.3 on Mac G3 OS8.6 with QPS Que! 16x10x40 SCSI. I get "No Backup Devices Found" error, but Device Status lists the CD drive as


ID vendor product version driver

6 QPS CDR-BP4 4.31 .AppleCD


According to the Dantz site, this drive is supported. I was told to download RU2.5.101 by Dantz support, but I get the same error. The operations log shows that the driver loaded successfully.





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According to this record the only version that is supported is the CRW2100s version of the QPS drive. Judging from your post It looks like this is actually a different drive in the same QPS case.



Instead maybe you have this drive?



The other thing I would do is try a base extension set + retrospect



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