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Execution Errors??

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+ Retrospect Driver Update, version 4.0.103


+ Executing Immediate Backup at 12/28/2003 16:44

To backup set Backup Set Plush B…


- 12/28/2003 16:44:07: Copying Plush HD…

12/28/2003 16:46:39: Comparing Plush HD…

File “NAVMac800QSFile”: miscompare at data offset 38, path: “Plush HD/NAVMac800QSFile”.

Folder “iDVD ?????????? ????? ?????????.rtfd” not found in parent folder “«—±€ - ¡?ø‰ ¡§??”.

Folder “?iDVD? ÇÃÉCÉìÉXÉgÅ[ÉãÇÃëOÇ….rtfd” not found in parent folder “ì?ñ{åÍ - èdóvÇ»èÓïÒ”.

Folder “?à¿Â‰ iDVD? ëOêøêÊâ{ʧ.rtfd” not found in parent folder “î…ÈìíÜï? - èdóvéëêu”.

Folder “'Lees voordat u 'iDVD?' installeert.rtfd” not found in parent folder “Nederlands - Belangrijke Informatie”.

Folder “?à¿ëï iDVD? îVëOêøêÊâ{?.rtfdd” not found in parent folder “ºÚÃÂ÷–Œƒ - ÷ÿ“™–?œ¢”.

12/28/2003 16:48:46: 6 execution errors.

Completed: 7505 files, 837.8 MB

Performance: 366.9 MB/minute (341.9 copy, 395.8 compare)

Duration: 00:04:39 (00:00:05 idle/loading/preparing)


The above is what I get when I try to update my backup.


The report is impressive but where do I find out what to do about it?


At this point I become lost! And ready to try to find a backup program that I can understand.


Can anyone help me understand what the above means?

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Those characters are international versions of the idvd help files. Retrospect has trouble with some unicode characters. When it runs into those characters it errors out because it does not recognize them as valid file or folder names.


Just rename or remove the problem folder and file names and the errors will go away.



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