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Windows RDU version 3.9.106 Makes for Longer Backups


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I am using Retrospect Professional v6.0.206 with an OnStream DI-30 FAST drive under Windows XP Professional with SP-1 and all Windows Updates applied.


After seeing that the new Windows RDU version 3.9.106 is recommended I downloaded it and placed it in the Retrospect folder. The Operations Log confirmed that the new RDU was in use.


I started a normal backup of the "My Computer" container which contains 4 drives (4 partitions on one physical drive).


The normal backup took much longer that it used to take with RDU 3.7 and earlier. The problem seems to be that with RDU 3.9 the tape is rewound all the way to the beginning after each drive is backed up and before the verifying step. The tape is then closed and then it is wound back to start the verify step. After that the next drive is backed up and again the tape is rewound all the way to the beginning.


With RDU 3.7 and earlier the tape was rewound only after all drives were backed up and verified. The tape was once wound to the place where the backup started and then at the end of the backup it was rewound and closed.


Now I get 6 extra such tape movements which take time. This could more than double the time needed to do a normal backup, depending on where on the tape the backup is written. This also amounts to additional wear and tear on the tape and on the tape drive.


Why was this change made?


I have mentioned this after RDU 3.8 was released and at the time I was told that I should actually remove RDU.RPX from my system and use Retrospect without it. Now I tried again after seeing that This update is highly recommended for all Retrospect 6.0 users.


For now I am going back to RDU 3.7.


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Thanks for the "unexpected" holiday reply.


So far I have not come across the dataloss bug (Error 105) on any of the machines I am using. To help me decide whether to upgrade to RDU 3.9 or not at the expense of longer backup times, does this "restore" bug that RDU 3.9 fixes show up only when doing full restores, or does it also affect individual file restores?


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