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Easy Scirpt Backups


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Hi All,


I am very new to Retrospect so please be patient with me.


All the files at my work have already been backed up once. This happened in April of this year and it is only now that we are getting round to implementing the Easy Script backup so I have a few questions I'd like to put out there.


1) How long do you estimate our first backup will take? Our server was 16.8G then and has now grown to 26.57 so how long do you think it will take to backup 9.77G?


2) We have four DVD RW's that we have backed up information onto and would like Easy Script to back up once a week overnight (so we don't need to leave our server on all the time) so which backed up DVD RW do we use? The last one?


3) What happens if there is information of the first DVD RW that has changed and we have inserted the last DVD in our machine to backup overnight does that mean retrospect will still copy the job and there will be two instances of the same job? In that case when you want to retrieve something will retrospect retrieve the most current version of that job?


4) Is it easy to change the Easy Script settings when we want to?


Thankyou so much to whoever can help me out.


Fresh smile.gif

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To answer your questions in order:


1)Backup time:

There are too many variables to even give a reasonable quess. Your best bet is to look at the backup time from your first backup in the Retrospect operations log. That will give you some idea of what to expect.


2 and 3)Which disk to use?

Retrospect has a "check media before quit" feature. As long as you open and close Retrospect once it will tell you exactly which disk it needs to run the script.


Retrospect manages the disks and asks you for what it needs so you don't have to worry about overwriting data. some key terms for you:

normal backup = incremental backups that ADD files to the backup (nothing gets deleted)

recycle backup = full backups that erase the backup media and the copy everything again.


4)Script settings

"easy script" is a setup wizard designed for some generic backup scenarios. If you want to create a custom script go to automate ->scripts -> new and click on "backup". If you are promted to use easy script say "no".


I would take a look at this tutorial to get the general idea:





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