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Step 9 of 11: Select a Storage Disk for 6.0 Express


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I have to say that using this software has not been easy. Very little about it is intuitive (why do they "Forget" instead of "Delete" confused.gif for example). The support from Dantz has been next to nil and my questions on this forum have gone unanswered.


That said mad.gif


I would like to create a BACKUP set. I am backing up to my Maxtor. I am following the tutorial. The tutorial recommends using the "disk" setting as compared to the "file" setting. I was under the impression from both this forum and Maxtor support that either is acceptable.


When I create a backup set as a DISK, I am eventually given the option of selecting a Storage Disk for the backup set. "Step 9 of 11: Select a Storage Disk" from the tutorial. When I set up the backup set as a FILE, this option never appears and I have no idea where the backup set is being saved.


So 3 questions...


1. Can I create the backup set as a FILE to be saved on my Maxtor?

2. If so, what am I missing?

3. Where is the backup set that I already scheduled and saved that never made it to my Maxtor?


Thanks in advance...

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The steps to backup to a file backup set are listed in the following tutorial:




All you really need to know is that the catalog file and the data are stored in the same file with a file backup set. So when you save the catalog file, just save it to your maxtor and you will be all set.



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