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Need to wipe hard drive - don't want to lose Retro set-up ???

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I have a G4 that I need to wipe the hard drive on. I'm currently running Retrospect 4.3, and this G4 is also the back up computer.


The system that is in place was set up by someone who is no longer here, so I'm not entirely familiar with all its scripts and configurations, but I do know that it is working perfectly well, and I don't want to start over - plus we have been using this system for a long time, and have a ton of stuff backed up - I'll need to continue accessing all that.


Basically, what I want to do is be able to get Retrospect working as it is now - with my scripts and configurations and clients - after I reinstall the OS and Retrospect.


I can do that...right??


I've found the Retrospect Preferences folder in the system folder, and *think* I've found the catalogs (what would these look like - icons? - names?). From what I know, I'll need those two things. What else?


Any help would be SO appreciated...


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