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Autolaunch failure and interupted executions

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Recently I found that Retrospect was not launching automatically at the scheduled times. (None of the preferences had changed and I checked thme anyway and everything was where it should be.) I found that when the autolaunch tries to go, a Retrospect icon appears in the taskbar and nothing happens. If I then start up retrospect, the scheduled task will run. (But this is not an automatic execution if I do this!)


I restarted my computer and the scheduled tasks started working again...


Could anyone enlighten me as to what could cause this. (Everything was working fine before.)


Another question I have is about applications running on the backup PC when backing up clients over the network. Say I have Outlook running whilst the PC is backing up a client over the network. Can something like Outlook checking for mail cause havoc on the backup job?

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The launcher service in Retrospect may be corrupt. To reinstall it do the following:

Go to configure->preferences->startup and disable the Retrospect launcher service. Reboot the machine and enable it again.


The less you have running on the backup machine the better. However having other programs open should not stop or interfere with the backup. It will slow things down though.



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