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A VERY Newbie!!! Please don't laugh!


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Hi all. Some SIMPLE questions that should be obvious but I can't find answers too!

Maxtor 120 One Touch:Retrospect Express 6.0222


1. Using immediate B/U, for the life of me I cannot find how to assign my backup set to my F drive Maxtor! Is that a default setting from Maxtor automatically?


2. Should I be using the "File" setting or the "Disk" setting to B/U my complete C drive? I though I saw BOTH as answers in 2 separate places!


Let me start with these 2 then I'll come back for scheduling questions!



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Thank you. But now I see a new issue...


On Figure 9C on the page you listed, the page to choose the storage disk, it says there is only 21% remaining. That is WAY off. There is only about 6G of the 111G being used!


It says:



FREE 105.8 G (21% available)

TOTAL 111.8


I saw another thread on this topic, but the outcome never posted.


I formatted the Maxtor to NTFS using Windows (XP Pro).


Any help appreciated.







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