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Recovering a backup set


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I have Retrospect backup pro 6.5 running in Win 2k.

I have just had to reinstall 2k due to instability problems. These originated before I installed R/B so could not recover from that backup set.


Initially I had one backup set to cover everything essential.

On re installing 2k I installed R/B aftesh. I have recovered the catalogue from the existing backup files. Also I have created a fresh set just for the o/s - this I intend to keep as a separate backup process. It has one partition to itself.


What I now want to do is to recreate the original backup set and remove the o/s partition from it, and then continue with the old backup set already stored on disk.


I am not sure how to go about this, or even if it is possible.


Some help required please.





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Unfortunately you cannot selectively remove data and volumes from your backup set. You can either start a new backup set or reset (recycle) the old one. One option is to do a backup to a new backup set and then use Retrospect's backup set transfer feature to copy data from your old set into the new one. The transfer will allow you to filter out files that you don't want to be copied over.




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