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WinXP 6.5 Pro and Mac OS X clients, no fw and yet can't add clients


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I have downloaded the Retrospect Pro 6.5.336 trial. I'm interested in buying it, but it does not work as described.


For starters,

- All Firewall sw is turned off on both of the Mac OS X clients

- Firewall is off on XP with Retrospect Pro 6.5


I've installed it on the Wintel machine and backed up my local C and D drives. I have two Mac OS X clients on a local ethernet network. The client sw is installed on both Macs yet I cannot add them as clients in Retrospect.

I can do a "Test" and enter the IP address and it responds as "seeing" the target machine. Yet the clients cannot be added. They are not found by the multicast search.


Retrospect is on WinXP, 2.6 Ghz, 1Gb RAM.

Macs are 10.3 & 10.2 w/5.1.109 client.

All connected to a Linksys Router/Gateway w/ 4 port 100BaseT switch. 100% pingable.

To "set levels" on response... I'm a network engineer and have been using Retrospect (on a Mac) for a zillion years.


This seems to be a common problem, but the answer always given is "turn off the firewall software". Yet here it was never on, is confirmed off now.

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Also. The Wintel box has 1 network card and the Cisco VPN client. If I can bind the application to the 1 real interface, I'll try it. Even though the Tech Notes say it is not an issue with 6.5


And, Mac A has an Airport card plus the Built-In Ethernet. Mac B only has build-in ethernet. I could not find a technote on binding Mac clients to a single interface.

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I have the Cisco VPN client on my Retrospect machine and had trouble too. The problem occurs because the VPN client routes multicast packets to the VPN connection rather than your physical NIC. I think you will find that you can connect to the clients when the VPN is disconnected.




Unfortunately Retrospect professional does not allow you to bind to a specific address. You would need to upgrade to the disk to disk version of Retrospect at least to do this.




On the macs, make sure the internal modem is disabled and that the adapter you want to use with Retrospect is at the top of the network adapter list. You can also use the portscan network utility in OSX to make sure that port 497 is open for UDP and TCP on all machines.




All of these clients are in the same subnet right? Retrospect professional can only backup 1 subnet.




What error comes up when you try to add the clients?







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Good call.


The Cisco VPN client is interfering, but it can be fixed. It only comes into play on the server machine. Under the settings for the VPN you must enable "Allow Local LAN Access" under the Transport tab. Once done, all clients show up just fine.


I found that this must be done no matter if the VPN was connected or not.


With the Macs, one Mac client has the VPN software and one does not. I found no difference here. VPN on or off, Local LAN Access on or off. It worked all ways as long as the server's VPN was configured correctly as above.

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