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Client being turned off


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I have several OS X 10.2.8 client machines with multiple users defined running Retro Client 5.0.540




When the machine is rebooted the client is automatically turned off


If users log off everything stays on, if the machine is restarted the client comes back as turned off.




This is reverse behavior from what it should be.




Has anyone seen this behavior and have a fix on what can be going on here?




I have seen similar posts with replies to uninstall and reinstall the client. In OS X besides the client applications itself, what are all the files/folders that need to be removed to comletely eradicate any evidence of the original client?




Thanks in advance.

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Running the Uninstall program from the 5.0.540 client installer should get rid of everthing. Make sure you reboot after you run the uninstall. Make sure the following file was removed before you try the reinstall: /var/root/Library/Preferences/retroclient.state




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Is the client located any place other then the default location (Applications/Retrospect Client/)? In the StartupItems folder (/Library/StartupItems/RetroClient/) is a unix shell script that's hard coded with the path to the Retrospect Client's default location.


If you want the client to be kept somewhere else you can edit the shell script to reflect your custom location.


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