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Retrospect install crashed internet access

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I bought a Maxtor 160GB external hard drive that came with Retrospect 5.6. I loaded the software per the instructions, and everything was fine until I pressed the one-touch button on the HDD to launch the software. I got back-to-back error messages: "an internal consistency check failed" and "assertion failure at module.cpp-254".


I tried to go to the internet for help, but couldn't get there. IE pops up the error "Iexplore has caused an error in <unknown>. Iexplore will now close." Netscape gives "Netscape was unable to create a network socket connection..." I can ping sites only if I know their IP address - I cannot ping them by their URL. I cannot get on AOL Instant Messenger, and I cannot download Norton Antivirus updates.


I "uninstalled" the software, but noticed that the directories were still there and the program "ComboButton.exe" was still running at startup. I removed ComboButton.exe from msconfig and restarted - the problem is still there.


Other computers in the house (such as the one I am sending this message with) still have internet connectivity through the same switch. Help!!


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Retrospect 5.6 has a very small registy and file footprint so it isn't likely to cause this kind of damage. I haven't seen it happen anyway. My guess is there are some other problems with the machine as well. You may want to take a closer look.




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