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First Time User Frustration

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Forgive me if this topic has been addressed, but I could not find a satisfactory answer and am new to this forum.


I just acquired my copy of Retrospect Desktop Backup v5.1.175 and am having difficulty creating backup sets. If anyone is using a similar configuration successfully or has any input, I would welcome it.


I am running this product on my PowerMAC G5 running 10.3.1 and I am attempting to create a backup set on my LaCie 500GB Firewire800 BigDisk. The main issue is that the device scan does not come up with my firewire drive and therefore I cannot create a backup set. I checked hardware incompatibility list and could not find my device and when I called prior to purchasing the drive or the retrospect product, I was told that if it could be found in the finder and mounted on the desktop, then it should work. Well, its on the desktop and I can drag stuff on and off of it all day long, but it still won't recognize it. When I did the other search for hardware incompatibility, I did not see a field for firewire800 support, only for the firewire400/ IEEE 1394 protocol. I am getting the idea that Dantz doesn't currently support firewire800 at this time and I now have no backup device or protection. I did check the latest RDU and my device was not listed.

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Your Drive is fully supported in Retrospect. Take a look at the "backup to hard disk tutorial"



You should also take a look at this just in case- apple has identified some data loss issues with panther and Firewire800 drives:





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