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Linux client set password issue


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First time to this forum...

I have one question about Linux agent retroclient setting password issue, retroclient -setpass,


This program always in interactive mode and ask me enter password twice. but my system

is an embeded linux and only allowed access by web page. Anyone know how to write a

shell script can overcome such kind of issue, Or, retrospect client can modify the code, which

can allow me enter password just in one command line, many thanks all.



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I just tested this on my machine and it worked fine from a single shell window. Just like the unix passwd command. You can start from scratch by deleting /var/log/retroclient.state.




/usr/local/dantz/client/retroclient -setpass should work from a terminal- can you install ssh on the system somehow? Maybe you could try dropping in a retroclient.state file from another machine?





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