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Wrong backup??

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Hi all. Thanks for the welcome.

Think i did something realy stupid. Like backed up to c: drive instead of one touch. If that

was possible to do can it then be undone? My c: drive is a 40 gig Maxtor which is now totally filled to the max. Before starting to play with retrospect i had 19 gigs left on the c: drive and

now have none.Something tells me there will be no easy answer to this. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


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If you did a backup to a file backup set in Retrospect search your hard drive for a big file that ends in ".rbf" . Then move that file to your maxtor drive and double click on it.


If you did a backup using a "disk" backup set. all the data will be in a folder named "Retrospect". My guess is it is on the root of your C drive.


Backing up to hard disk is explained here:





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