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Win98 Client Problems


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Upgraded to 6.5, installed new client on Win98 machine that had 6.0 client.

Install asked if I wanted to upgrade existing client, to which I responded yes.

Now Retrospect cannot locate the client. When I click on ADD button in the

clients main dialog it pops up the Searching for Backup Clients window and

nothing happens. If I use the Test button on that dialog and enter the IP

address of the client, it says "Found a Backup" and shows the client name,

IP and software version (which is correct). However, after clicking OK

that client is NOT added to the list. There doesn't appear to be a way to

add the client even though the direct IP address method found it


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Is this the answer cited ?

from Networking & Clients which is from Nate and reads:





The 6.5 client is supposed to bind itself to every network adapter on the system. This may be happening but the computer is probably trying to route multicast to the PPP adapter. Try this:


open up a command line window and "cd" into the directory where retropect client lives. On Win 98 it is C:\program files\Dantz\client (I believe)


Then type retroclient -ip xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

the X`s will be the ip address of your network adapter.


Hopefully that should sort it out.




Cheers de Mark @ 7tronics

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