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Ret Desktop 5.0.238, Err 102, Sony SDT-9000

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Okay, I've got Retrospect Desktop 5.0.238 and OS 10.2.8...


I can't get it to work with my Sony SDT-9000 external SCSI device. I get error 102 (Trouble Communicating) no matter what I do, here is what I've done...


Install latest driver update (as of last week)

Changed SCSI ID

Changed SCSI Cable

Changed SCSI Termination

Used a different (known good) SDT-9000 drive (I have a few of them at work)

Upgraded Sony Firmware

Used varous different media


I generally get this message after it gets about 125 megs backed up if that matters.


I also have a Sony SDX-500C on the chain as well as a Quantem DLT IV Drive. I get this error without the other devices on the SCSI chain and with, no difference in the problem.


Any ideas?




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Onboard adapter on Beige G3/266. There is nothing on the internal bus. One of my ideas that I haven't done yet is to wire in an external DB25 connector to the internal bus (you can get those just about anywhere, the only thing that'll make it interesting is that I have no spare PCI slots smile.gif)



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