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Restore W2K client question


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I have Windows 2000 clients that I am backing up with 6.5 Single Server. I am backing up the system state in addition to all files (I don't have the Open File addin). This seems to be working well, but I have not tried a restore so I have a few questions.


Assuming a program goes haywire, but the PC is still usable and on the network I would asssume all I have to do is a full restore to the PC and all is new. However I am wondering what the process is if I have to restore the PC from scratch. How do SIDs on the W2K PC and domain play into the restore.


With NT backup, I can bring another PC with a different name to the same service pack level an restore a full backup from the dead machine and I will have the old machine's setup back, but does Retrospect 6.5 work the same. Is there a white paper on restoring a client anywhere?

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Retrospect's live restore will put the machine back just the way it was at the time of backup. When you do the restore of the client, log on to the local administrator account rather than the domain. Then run the restore. After that reboot and log on to the domain as normal. You don't have to do it that way but it seems to work best.


As long as the hardware is the same you could restore to another machine if needed. The biggest problem in that scenario is windows drivers.



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