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Assertion error at "tstring.cpp-2174"


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I recently purchased a new Dell Dimension XPS machine (3 GHz, 1.0 G RAM) running XP Pro. The machine it replaced was an older Dell that successfully ran as a Retrospect 6.0 client for a long time. Upon installing the 6.0 client on the new Dell XPS, it wasn't being properly recognized by the Retrospect server when a backup script ran, even though the client machine was recognized OK.


I tried running 6.0 as a server on the XPS with a Maxtor 5000 drive as the backup device. On every attempted backup script execution, Retrospect would crash immediately after the finishing the scan files step with an assert.exe error. It said that it was writing to the utx log file, but program evidently crashed every time before that file was created because I can't find it.


On the hope that a fix might be contained in it, I upgraded to Retrospect 6.5 and installed it on the XPS machine yesterday. I also installed the upgraded drivers in the rdu file (odd that they wouldn't be incorporated in the latest build of the product!). After doing so, I'm still getting Retrospect crashing at the exact same point; this time, the error message is more explicit: assertion error at tstring.cpp-2174. I've tried running Retrospect with the machine booted in the minimal service mode to minimized potential conflicts, but still get the same result.


Any suggestions?

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You may have corrupt configuration files - when you upgraded the corruption was imported into the new version. As a result your troubles are continuing.


To create clean configuration files rename the following folder and then relaunch Retrospect:

C:\documents and settings\all users\application data(hidden)\Retrospect

The configuration files themselves are called config6x.bak and config6x.dat.


If that doesn't work then post some more details about the hardware on this machine. Specifically hard drive controllers and any memory card readers you have





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