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Retrospect Express 6.0 - Open File backup?


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Hello. I'm using Retrospect Express 6.0.222 (OEM edition acquired with an external hard drive). When I do an Immediate Backup, the Operations Log always reports several execution errors, including "can't read - error 1020 (sharing violation)"; "different modify date/time"; and "didn't compare at offset 76 in stream "Data"".


(1) How serious are these errors?

(2) Do they compromise the backup?

(3) How do I address them?

(4) Do they relate to having files open? I close all applications, but my Norton Antivirus is left runnng, and of course Windows XP (Home) has files running--some of the errors seem to relate to the XP files.


Thanks for any help.

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The 1020 errors mean a file is in use so it can't be backed up. Make sure to close as many programs as possible before the backup.


The date and time errors can be ignored pretty safely.


The data stream error can mean more serious things but it can also just mean that the file is in use. Try restoring that file to see if it was backed up properly.


With all of these errors, Take a look at the file name and then determine if the file is important or not. i.e. An error backing up Internet temp files it not such a big deal but an error on one of your word documents is worth looking into



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