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Backups to CD/DVD Media ?s


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Some questions as I start burning CD/DVDs in SuperDrive on Mac Powerbook G4 Ti.


This post is from someone who knows very little about the different type of storage media available today and has not used CD/DVDs for backup. I've done all my backups to external hard drives in the past.


1. If I burn data on a CD-R disc and it only uses a portion of its capacity, can I later add additional data to that CD-R? Asking both if I use for just Finder burns and if use for Retropsect backups.


2. Are there "better" brands/types of CD-Rs, CD-RWs and DVD-Rs both for general backups and for long term archiving of data/photos?


3. If I want to use something for long term storage (family photos, etc) is this a good media?


Thanks very much.


PS Are there any good sites that focus on this subject of backup media?


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Retrospect uses its own format to write to disks so the disk is left "open" until it gets full of data. You can write to the same disk in multiple backup sessions.


I am a huge fan on Taiyo Yuden media - As far as I know it is the only media available that is still made in Japan. I have yet to have a coaster with it. The only down side is that it is hard to come by and more expensive than others.


From what I hear CD media has a shelf life of about 20 years.



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