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Retrospect will not recognize fresh media in 1280L


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After a rough start, Retrospect 6.5.132 and Quantum 1280L v35, has been happily changing tapes, daily for the current day media.




With 4 erased tapes and 11 written tapes in the autoloader, I ejected the magazines, and replaced 6 of the older written media with 6 fresh, erased media.




Retrsospect Device still shows the 6 removed media with their backup set labels in the left column, and the NEW barcode number in the right column. When I "inventory" the media, Retrospect ignores all the Backup set labled media, and loads and reads the 4 tapes which were originally erased.




Since adding fresh media Retrsopect refuses to move the media as required by scripts.




I have rebooted the server, the quantum, tried "Initialize" and nothing fixes it.




I have a test configuration file which I've used with the same results.




Another perspective, is that a proactive script on starting did not accept the correct media set which was in the drive, returned the media to the magazine and retrieved it. This is really bizzar.




We are using Retrospect 6.5 with latest drivers, and Quanutm 1280L v35, and MS Windows 2000 SP4.




NEW Alarming information! when I drag and drop on of the fresh erased media into the drive, it reads it as "erased" which is correct, and returns it to the magazine with the original backup set name, which, of course it isnt.




When I select a media item and then "inventory" action, "scan pending" appears for a few seconds, and quits with nothing happening.




This 1280L autoloader issue is quickly moving into the area of unuseable again.






TIA for any advice.




Henry Christle

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