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Error 2007 no destination defined

Chris Finn

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Ok so it was a bit pemature to praise the software after only 2 runs.


It failed on the third run, here is the error message:


"From Retrospect Express: Script "Maxtor One Touch" failed during automatic execution, error - 2007 (no destination volume specified). Please launch Retrospect Express and check the log for details."


The Maxtor One Touch is a script. I can go into the software and look at this script (its the only one) but when I try to look at the properties the dialogues that open look to me as if its about to start to do something and I dont want to mess up what worked before.


Can anyone help please?


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Like every script in Retrospect the One touch script has a source (the data you want to copy) and a destination (the place you are copying to). For some reason Retrospect cannot see the destination that is specified in your script. Things that can cause this:


Renaming or moving the destination folder

formatting the external hard drive

having the external drive powered off when you start Retrospect

Faulty connection to the external drive etc.


You can always go in and change the destination folder of your one touch script if needed



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