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Clients disappearing from the Network

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I am running Retrospect Server 5.1.167 on a G4 running OS 10.2.8. I have been backing up about 25 Clients nightly over our network using TCP/IP for about the last three years. Our network is divided into Virtual LANs (VLANs), and 15 of my clients are on a different VLAN as the server. These clients include OS9, Windows and OSX machines. Suddenly, on Tuesday of this week all of the clients on the second VLAN were no longer visible to Retrospect, whereas all of the clients on the same VLAN as the server were still visible. The Mac clients on both VLANs were all visible over the ethernet using Appletalk. I pinged the clients on the second VLAN and got positive returns for all of them. However, when I tried to add clients using "Add by Address" from the Retrospect Configure Clients window, I got an error message "549 (DNS name not found)".


I contacted our institution's Networking dept. who denied having made any changes to the network or to the institution's Firewall. They maintain that it is a Dantz problem. Do you have any suggestions (suitable for public viewing)?. Thanks a lot.



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